Our Process

One of the most common questions we get is "what's next?" Well we're here to walk you through every step of the way! Below is a general overview of our process. Some things may change depending on what service we're providing but what you'll come to know about Kazzandra (if you don't know already) is that she is very meticulous and communicative. From first contact to even after your final gallery is delivered, we're in this with you. So let's get started!

Questionnaire + Quote

First things first, we'll email you a questionnaire to fill out. This will help us learn more about what you are looking for and will help us generate a quote for you specifically! We'd then love to hop on a phone call, Zoom, or Face Time to get to know each other and answer any questions that you have. After our chat, if you like the quote, you simply accept it and we move forward to the next step. If you have any questions that pop up after our chat, we're here to answer them all! Simply email, call, text, or carrier pigeon your questions to us.

Please be advised that quotes are valid for 30 days, and do not guarantee availability or booking as we book on a first come, first serve basis.

Bookings are confirmed once the initial non-refundable retainer is paid and the contract is signed by all clients.

Invoice + Contract

After you have accepted the quote, we will email you an invoice and the contract for your session. The invoice will break down payment amounts and due dates, but the contract will include this information too. The contract will be sent via email and can be signed electronically. Once we countersign the contract, you will receive a copy of it for your records. If you don't receive the copy, we're happy to send one over to you. Payments can be made via cash, check, or online app payment.

Please be advised that receipt of invoice and contract does not guarantee availability or booking.

Bookings are confirmed once the initial non-refundable retainer is paid and the contract is signed.



First things first, let's get some wedding guides in your hands! We have created three different guides to help you for this special day - an extensive one for our couples, and two shorter ones for your families and wedding party. We have found that a lot of couples, families, and wedding parties, can feel like they're walking into a wedding day blind - where do they need to be, what can they do, what can they expect - so we designed these guides to give some insight into how your family and wedding party can be assets to the experience of the day. We include a custom wedding day timeline in all of our packages. Kazzandra will work closely with you to establish a timeline that will cover what you want to happen on your wedding day! The first thing we'll want to focus on is the ceremony start time, and ideally we want to have this figured out prior to you sending your formal invitations. There are things that you'll need to keep in mind - for example, if you want golden hour photos, that time frame is going to look different depending on the season you're getting married in. Once we have that figured out, you have the information for your invitations and we have the starting point to build the timeline from. About a month or so before your wedding, we'll send you another questionnaire so that we can start creating and fine tuning your day of timeline. When the timeline is done, we'll send it to you for review and see if there are any changes or tweaks that need made. We include a free engagement session with our packages that include photography so Kazzandra will help you plan this as well - everything from location to styling/outfits. If you are hiring us for photo and video, we'll get some video during your session as well that may or may not be used in your final wedding video. We also love to do venue walk throughs with our couples! You can be present for this or we can visit the venue on our own. This allows us to see the space prior to the wedding day. We'll be able to make sure we know the plan so that we can be in the right spot to get the best angles. If you're looking to do a first touch or first look, this is a great opportunity to figure out the logistics of that as well. :)


For lifestyle sessions, we will help you figure out location(s) and will help you figure out styling/outfits if you'd like! For proposals specifically, we'll also help with the planning of that special moment. We can do anything from arranging a day before ring/ring box pick up so that the ring is ready to go but your significant other doesn't suspect anything. We formulate a plan that includes a prompt so that we're all on the same page and will be ready when you're ready! :)

(Kazzandra absolutely loves planning these by the way!)


We typically do not need to be involved in the planning of events, but if you have questions about lighting or arrangement of the space, we'd be happy to do a walk through with you and provide feedback for consideration.

Day Of


Woohoo! This is what we've been planning for and the day is here! We've got our day of timeline down so there is no need to worry. The goal for the day is no stress...or as minimal as possible!! If you are not working with a wedding planner or a day of coordinator, we highly suggest hiring at least a day of coordinator. A lot of people think that the photographers do this, but a day of coordinator does so much more than a photographer can do and frees us up to focus on what you hired us to do! We'll let you in on a little secret...no matter how much planning you do, something is bound to go wrong on your wedding day, cause trust us, we know this personally! Remember that the wedding day is a celebration of your love - all that matters is you two.


Take time before your session to get in a positive and happy headspace. Give yourself extra time that day to get ready, extra time to travel to the location, or extra time to tidy up if you're doing an in-home session. Jam out to your favorite songs, and love on yourself and each other! A good mood will shine through the photos!


We're here and we're ready! Do your thing and we'll do ours with as minimal disturbance as possible so that we can capture all those great candid shots!

Ultimately, we are not looking for you to be perfect.

We value emotion over perfection so that we can capture those genuine moments that create timeless photos and videos.